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This country as a destination has so many varied and diverse options in which you can plan and actively travel. South Africa is known as a world in one country, making it an unbelievable destination to travel too. Not only is it the gateway to other neighbouring countries, but it is the hub of all activities possible. It is flanked by two different oceans and it has a topographic landscape that will satisfy every possible activity.
From cultural diversity and the youngest democracy, its challenges and amazing friendliness to the best and biggest National Park with its amazing wildlife to the extreme sports on offer. A selection of accommodation from staying in a shack (traditional make shift home in a shanty town) to the most luxurious game reserve lodge imaginable. The possible activities are endless and we are fortunate, one of the only places in the world where you can play golf and seeing a giraffe walking across the fairway. Being able to accommodate more than one activity in one area where the need is diverse is a common practise. Perhaps she love to ride and he would rather play golf, we can arrange that.
In summary, South Africa can accommodate all your needs and being in one country, it makes traveling so much easier.