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One of our goals are to incorporate Defensive Driving into the high school programme, so that we can prevent any bad driving habits from taking over teenagers driving habits. As soon as a student obtained a motor vehicle license they can sign up for Defensive Driver Training. 90% of the theory discussed in our modules can be applied to motorcyclists as well. That means even the 16 year old student with a brand new 125cc scooter can also learn how to drive defensively and apply it later when they get their first car. Sign up for Defensive Driver training and help us remove bad driving habits at an early stage, roots and all.
We aim to put every single private individual with a driving license through our Defensive Driver training programme. Just imagine if everyone on South African roads can drive defensively? I'm sure we will never see 800 000 accidents in a year again. Imagine if we can halve the 13 000 fatal accidents every year? Get a group of friends together and sign up for Defensive Driver training as soon as you can.
Estate agents are normally required to drive great distances between properties and estates, and this in itself is the most dangerous part of being an estate agent. We want to help you get through your day and reach your destination safely. Defensive Driving focuses on factors like fatigue and time management while driving to ensure that you don't get tired while driving and reach your destination on time without taking unnecessary risks by racing to get there. Sign up for Defensive Driver training and ensure your own safety on the road.