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South Africa is well known for its tourism industry, and it's easy to guess how many tourists are on our roads every day. Not all these tourists are able to drive themselves and often rely on tour operators to transport them from one destination to the other via buses minibuses or cars. These drivers normally cover great distances in one day and may suffer from fatigue at times. With our Defensive Driver training they'll learn how to deal with fatigue and how to avoid it where possible. Safer tour drivers, means happy tourists which means our country gets a better international image. Sign up for Defensive Driver Training and let's make our country a safe tourist destination for everyone.
Shuttle drivers carry a tremendous amount of responsibility to keep local and international tourists safe on South African roads, therefore they need top class Defensive Driver training from Will of Africa. These drivers need to stay alert and focussed 110% of the time, to deal with heavy traffic in cities, and possible wildlife crossing the road when driving through rural areas. Your client's lives depend on your shuttle drivers' driving abilities. So for your own peace of mind, sign all your drivers up for Defensive Driver training ASAP
Teachers have a big influence on young upcoming South African professionals, and what better way to teach them Defensive Driving techniques so they can lead through their example and form good driving habits from an early stage in life. Teachers also need to transport students from time to time, to rugby or soccer matches, on field trips, or to leadership/team building camps. Then it's up to the teacher to be the best driver he/she can possibly be. We can dramatically increase your skill level and overall road sense and awareness with our Defensive Driver training programme. Sign up for this course and start creating a SAFE DRIVING CULTURE at an early stage in life.
One of our goals are to incorporate Defensive Driving into the high school programme, so that we can prevent any bad driving habits from taking over teenagers driving habits. As soon as a student obtained a motor vehicle license they can sign up for Defensive Driver Training. 90% of the theory discussed in our modules can be applied to motorcyclists as well. That means even the 16 year old student with a brand new 125cc scooter can also learn how to drive defensively and apply it later when they get their first car. Sign up for Defensive Driver training and help us remove bad driving habits at an early stage, roots and all.
Have you got a big fleet of staff buses dropping of all your security guards at different spots all around the city? Our Defensive Driver training will help you deal with city traffic in the safest way possible. Safer security guards mean a safer community, that's why we strongly recommend signing up for a Defensive Driving course. Make sure your security guards get to their spots on time, all the time.
Sales representatives and field consultants can drive up to 15 000 km's or more every month, in city traffic and longer distances. They have to deal with things like fatigue, anger, time management and over confidence on a daily basis. Defensive Driving will help you deal with these safety risks in the best possible way, making you more alert and a safer driver with more road sense. More defensive drivers on our roads mean fewer accidents. Sign up for Defensive Driver training today.