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One of our biggest clients lost 25 employees, either on their way to work or on their home, to fatal road accidents. We are decreasing that number with our Defensive Driver Training programme. Our programme has also been included into the safety standards and laws of 2 major mining groups in South Africa and will soon be used worldwide.
All mine employees are expected to drive great distances to work and back at times. These roads are more often than not in very bad conditions and the traffic can also be very bad. We can make all these road users safer drivers by teaching them all the Defensive Driving techniques. Safer drivers all round means less employees lost on the mines and less money spent on training and development of new staff, but most of all it means more breadwinners returning home safely and more happy families. We believe our Defensive Driver training can save tremendous amounts of lives if we can train everybody with a license, starting with mine employees and contractors. Make this your first step to safer roads in South Africa.
South Africa's biggest energy provider operates more than 10,000 vehicles on our roads on any given day, and that's only the field services and technicians. Furthermore they also have managers, consultants and representatives using the roads on a daily basis. Imagine if we can make them all Defensive Drivers? Imagine how safe our roads will become? Imagine how much money your company can save on medical claims and insurance claims and vehicle maintenance expenditure. Becoming a Defensive Driver is easy with Will of Africa, so take that first step towards safer roads for your employees to use and safer roads for our next generation.
Our biggest provider of telecommunication's employees travelled more than 20 million km's on road in 2012, and used more than 2.2 million litres of diesel in the same year. The scary thought is that there are possible life threatening hazards in every single kilometre, just waiting to cause an accident. By teaching everyone to drive defensively will help us avoid these hazards easier, and make every single kilometer travelled so much safer. Our Defensive Driver Training will save your company money in many areas such as vehicle maintenance expenses and fuel usage. Sign up today and start saving. Together we can make our roads a safer place for everyone.
The number of courier drivers on South African roads are unthinkable. And all these drivers are pushed for time and quick as possible delivery of goods. This is great news for customer satisfaction, but terrible for road safety. When we are pushed harder in shorter time we tend to take much bigger risks, drive too fast and disregard other road rules. This can be prevented by getting proper Defensive Driver training. We will teach you how to manage your time better, and to change your attitude and mind set to be more courteous and calm on the roads, and become a all round safer driver. Our Defensive Driver programme will be of excellent value to any courier company out there, big or small.