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Will of Africa

The Will to Educate
The Will to Travel
The Will to Explore
The Will to Conserve
The Will to Be Passionate
The Will to Live


Core Values.
1. Integrity: When we make a promise, we deliver on it
2. Excellence: The level of performance delivered to our customers. We continuously strive to exceed our customers’ expectations.
3. Acceptance: Accepting somebody without prejudice and judgement, not allowing your own ego to influence your perception.
4. Knowledge: Refers to the competency of our Instructors, Assessors and Moderators: knowledge, skills and attitude. It also refers to the level of competency of the drivers that attended our unique driving courses.

Our driver training courses cover the whole spectrum form the Professional and Industrial sector to Recreational driving.
We focus on 4x4 as well as Defensive Driver training.



We specialize in providing phenomenal service, top class itineraries, professional guides, quality vehicles and impeccable detail thus ensuring that the traveller has a memorable and superior African experience which far exceeds his highest expectations. The ethics of WOA will always be maintained and the philosophy of conservation, respect of the heritage of Southern Africa and its people will be of paramount importance at all times. 

Our African Safari Experts take the guesswork out of planning your journey, while our comprehensive African Safari Guide puts the fun into finding out where you want to go and what you want to see.

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Horseback Safaris

Few horse safaris can rival the excitement you will find in the African landscape from South Africa’s Bushveld to the floodplains in the Okovango Delta to the East Coast. Horseback Safaris is a wonderful way to see wildlife from the back of a horse.


Our Adventure packages and travel is build around the various activities we encounter on these routes. There is often a combination of various activities and or a single activity.

Tailormade Holidays

Will of Africa’s expert knowledge of the Sub Sahara region enable us to plan, organize and execute a unique experience, no matter what the requirements are. We deliver superior travel programmes.

Defensive Driver Training

One of our goals are to change driver behavior from a young age. It is our understanding of Driver Behaviour that enable us to deliver specific Driver Training Programmes.
Driving habits and Driver maturity are often the cause of incidents, we aim to correct this.

Photographic Safaris

Years of experience and intimate knowledge of wildlife and regions enable us to create a memorable photo safari. Each safari is build according to your requirements.