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Angola is a country of contrasts.

For many it is a country with memories of war, upraising, violence and suffering. 

For others it is a country of beauty, prosperity and adventure. 

We are focussing on the South Western corner of Angola where we explore the northern boundary of the Namib Desert, the oldest in the wold, further south to the Namibian border and then east to Santa Clara, the main border post with Namibia.
From entering the country, crossing the Kunene to Lubango, will you see one of the biggest Baobab forests, remanence of the Civil and Bush War with South Africa, amazing landscapes and cultural living at its best.
Once we reach Lubango, one of the three Christie Reo statues meet us with an impressive view over the city.
The escarpment at Tundavala is most phenomenal and the drive via the Serra de Lebo pass to Namib, the fishing town at the coast connects you to the adventure of Angola.
From here we will visit the Red City, Doodsakker, Dos Tigres and the dune driving to the mouth of the Kunene River.
This is truly remote and create spectacular and most dramatic scenery, adventure and opportunity for photography.
The remote ghost town on Dos Tigres is one of the most spectacular scene on the west coast of Africa. Church overlooking the old school, hospital and the magistrates court, all in tack with an airstrip in-between.
It is a 20 min boat ride from the dunes.
Angola is regarded as the new adventure playground, due to the many years of isolation and visa restrictions, it has no re open for us to explore the beautiful country.