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Welcome to Will of Africa 4x4 and Defensive Driver Training! The aim of this Division is to provide post licence driver training to raise awareness, skill levels and assess attitude and the potential external dangers. It is ideal for Corporate Fleet Training, Recreational Training or Industrial Vehicle Specific to undertake DDT. This is achieved through a mixture of theoretical and practical driving sessions conducted on and off road. The course is suitable for young drivers right up to the more experienced drivers that just need to hone their skills. It can be conducted in any roadworthy vehicle from the smallest sedan right up to 4 x 4 and light commercial vehicles.


As a training provider our primary aim is to assist your company in employing competent and safety compliant Drivers. We are intensively involved in raising Driver standards by equipping this key category of employees with the necessary safety related knowledge, skills and awareness.

We employ a wide range of accredited facilitators and assessors placing us right on the doorstep of our Clients. Training is provided on our Clients' premises for novice, semi-experienced & previously certified Operators. Our staff is experienced in the cross-culture South-African environment and therefore communicate clearly and effectively with all Learners. Our specialist built facility in Witbank can train up to 15 people a day. It covers Defensive Driver Training, Vehicle Specific Training and 4x4 Driver training level 1 and 2.

Will of Africa also has an excellent record of accomplishments in the field of with risk-based assessments. We will enable your company to attain and maintain the highest standard of driving and safety. Our approach will empower your employees to identify hazards, assess and understand risk in their driving environment and to manage these risks effectively. 

Mission and Values


Will of Africa is a leading training provider that delivers DRIVER EXCELLENCE to our customers


Our training courses are outcome based and continuously improve the learner's attitude, knowledge and skills practicing the Heart, Head, Hands and Habits concept.

  • Training Courses: Accredited and non-accredited
  • Heart is Attitude
  • Head is Mind set
  • Hands are Ownership
  • Habits are Leadership. 

Core Values

  • Integrity: When we make a promise, we deliver on it
  • Excellence: The level of performance delivered to our customers. We continuously strive to exceed our customers’ expectations.
  • Acceptance: Accepting somebody without prejudice and judgement, not allowing your own ego to influence your perception.
  • Knowledge: Refers to the competency of our Instructors, Assessors and Moderators: knowledge, skills and attitude. It also refers to the level of competency of the drivers that attended our unique driving courses.

We believe in the development of all learners on an equal basis regardless of sex, age or race. We have a responsibility to provide expertise and opportunity to educate and develop learners in a practical and viable way. Our training methods and processes are fair, valid, reliable and transparent. Each learner deserves the opportunity and resources to receive job-related and outcome-based training.

Benefits of using WOA

Will of Africa strives to deliver the best possible service and create a relationship with its clients which will benefit both parties.

We are exclusive in our approach and we ensure that a complete needs analysis before we even quote or suggest any solutions. Further are we focussed on developing a safety culture, tailor made training solutions and adhere to strict instructor/learner ratios. 

Recognition through Excellence.

We are mobile in our delivery of the product, providing the client has appropriate facilities; we will come to you. We also have a specialist Training Centre in Witbank that caters for all the Driver Training requirements of your company or to you as an individual.

We offer accredited training programmes as well as tailor made programmes.

Maintenance costs on vehicles in the trackless mining industry are expensive and time consuming but with the correct training and guidance many accidents, vehicle damage and downtime may be prevented and production improved.

An assessment in any training facility is crucial for competence declaration but is often neglected or not done properly.

Procedural training manuals and risk assessments are included in every course, providing the trainee with a full understanding of the work environment and health and safety.

Training and Assessments conducted by competent, TETA accredited:

  • Assessors
  • Facilitators
  • Moderators

Training and Assessments conducted:

  • On Site.
  • In accordance with SAQA and ETQA code of conduct.
  • According to specific outcome based unit standards.
  • Credits allocated to candidates in accordance with unit standards and uploading of candidate information on TETA's system.
  • Excellent customer relations through use of Service Level Agreements.