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What an amazing country. It is very popular among the Europeans and it offers a island and beach holiday second to none. It is still reasonably priced. The islands vary from middle of the range to luxurious, making it viable for most budgets. The diving and the fishing is of exceptional quality and the favourite spots are around Inhambane and Pemba. 
Culturally Mozambique has a lot to thank Portugal for. Many of the original settlements and or coastal architecture is evidence of this. Ila De Mozambique is a prime example.The wildlife has suffered badly from the civil war in the early nineties and the recovery is slow. Due to the poverty is bush meat a commodity and it is difficult to stop this. 
That said, Gorongosa is a very good National Park. It is slowly busy to recover with foreign investments, but with the amount of poaching happening is it difficult to grow it. Will of Africa Adventures do combine a lot of their Big 5 Dive Safaris with South Africa and Mozambique.